30X 2MP and 1280 Thermal Dual Sensor 3-Axis Stabilization Drone Gimbal Camera

Short Description:

>Visible:30X optical  zoom block camera, 2.13Megapixels.

>Thermal : 25mm lens, max video resolution 1280 * 1024

>3-Axis gimbal stabilizer,± 0.008 degree control precision

>Supporting the overlay of GPS information into videos, subtitle files, snapshots

>Support intelligent tracking

>Open protocol to facilitate third-party client integration


  • Module Name: VS-UAP2030NA-RT6-25


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    The 30x dual sensor bi spectrum payload is a fully-integrated, high performance electro-optical camera payload designed for remote monitoring. Equipped with 1/2.8 inch 30x 1080P HD block zoom camera and 640 thermal camera module, operators are no longer constrained by daylight.

    uav drone gimbal

    The payload offers 3-axis stabilization to capture detailed video and still photos, even under extreme environmental conditions. A high-powered zoom means that any movement in the system is magnified, so stability is of utmost importance. The gimbal incorporates leading gimbal technology for stabilization within ±0.008° and the same precision for controls. This enables long-range inspection that is always high in fidelity.

    Practical and convenient ground control software which support pointing zoom, one key return to middle, mouse or touch screen control

    uav drone ground control station

    Full function, support high temperature detection, intelligent tracking.

    uav drone camera track

    Using network port to control gimbal, abandoning the traditional HDMI way, has good reliability, strong compatibility and powerful function


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