ViewSheen Releases New 4MP NDAA Compliant Zoom Camera Modules

After 4MP 37x NDAA Compliant zoom module, ViewSheen recently released two more NDAA products: 4MP 32x zoom module and 4MP 25X zoom module.

The release of these two products fills the low-cost product series of ViewSheen NDAA product series.

Today, ViewSheen’s NDAA zoom module product range includes:

4K 50X NDAA Zoom Module

4K 30X NDAA Zoom Module

2K 37X NDAA Zoom Module

2K 32X NDAA Zoom Module

2K 25X NDAA Zoom Module

2MP 30X NDAA Zoom Module

New products can be used for high-speed dome cameras, robot ptz cameras , car mounted ptz cameras and other products. We hope that the good cost performance of the new products can also bring you extraordinary experience.

Post time: Aug-27-2022