View Sheen ‘s Ultra Long Range Zoom Camera Module

View Sheen Technology released 3 ultra long range zoom block camera: 2Megapixel 86x 860mm long range zoom camera module , 4Megapixel 88x 920mm long range camera module and 2Megapixel 80x 1200mm long range zoom camera module.

In contrast to traditional motorized CCTV long range lens + IPC solutions, View Sheen Technology’s all-in-one ultra long range zoom camera module is controlled by stepper motors for the lens. The control accuracy and mechanical life of the product is higher than that of a conventional solution with DC motor lenses.

In order to solve the problem of optical focus shift caused by temperature differences in conventional DC motor lenses at focal lengths above 750mm, which eventually leads to blurred images, View Sheen Technology’s engineers have taken full advantage of the control accuracy of stepper motors, and because of the integrated design, the frequency and accuracy of temperature acquisition is guaranteed, and the combination of advanced image optimization algorithms and motor control algorithms makes this product’s autofocus performance excellent.

Thanks to the integrated design, the products are manufactured and assembled with scientifically guided standards, thus ensuring consistency and reliability. This, coupled with our dust-free production environment, guarantees the optical performance of our products. Also due to the integrated design, the product is more compact and space saving than the traditional solution of DC lens + IPC; lighter in weight, reducing the load requirements of Pan Tilt Units

In order to improve the environmental adaptability of the equipment, the lens of this product uses multiple aspherical glasses to improve the clarity of the product, widen the field of view and increase the light throughput. In addition, we have designed a unique filter that not only gives a clear image in day and night, but also has the ability to image in the NIR spectrum, enabling long range and complex environmental surveillance, especially in foggy meteorological environments.


Post time: Jan-20-2021