UAV/Drone Zoom Block Camera Modules

View Sheen has developed zoom block camera specially for UAV or drone.

What is the difference between drone zoom camera module and the zoom block camera for CCTV?

1. In order to reduce the video delay, 1080p UAV block camera module is equipped as standard 1080P@50fps/60fps high frame rate. This is optional for CCTV camera.

2. In order to be compatible with HDMI image transmission, the UAV block camera supports the simultaneous output of network and HDMI video. The CCTV camera is usually network output or LVDS output.

3. The control links are different. In the UAV, the control command is usually sent from the ground to the control panel of the gimbal. The gimbal controls the camera through the serial port. Therefore, the UAV camera only uses a series port using VISCA protocol. This serial port supports capture, video and other commands specially developed for UAV.

In the application of CCTV camera, the control command is usually sent to the block camera through network command. The camera uses two serial ports to interact with PTZ. One serial port uses VISCA protocol, the other uses PELCO protocol.

4. The structure is different. In order to reduce the weight of the UAV version, there is no shell, only the necessary bracket is used to fix the PCB board.

The whole series includes 30x 2mp drone zoom module, 30x 4K drone zoom module and  dual sensor camera(30x zoom module and 640*512 thermal camera)  and other products.

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30X 4K Drone Zoom Camera Module

Post time: Aug-12-2021