The Purpose of Thermal Imaging Camera’s Pseudocolor

Our thermal imaging supports more than 20 types of pseudocolor, with the most common pseudo color being white heat, which means that the color is closer to white 0XFF at higher temperatures and black 0×00 at lower temperatures; Different applications require different pseudo colors.The purpose of thermal imaging pseudocolor is as follows:

Provide intuitive visualization: Thermal imaging pseudocolor converts infrared thermal images into color images, allowing observers to understand and interpret heat distribution and temperature differences more intuitively. Different colors represent different temperature zones, making it easy for observers to distinguish hot spots, cold spots, and other temperature changes.

Detect abnormal heat sources: Thermal imaging pseudocolor helps users quickly detect and locate abnormal heat sources, such as hotspots in circuit boards, friction points in mechanical equipment, and potential hazards in buildings. By observing the bright areas in the pseudocolor image, users can quickly identify potential issues and take timely action.Usually, in temperature measurement applications, we most commonly use iron red as the color.

Analyze and compare heat distribution: Thermal imaging pseudocolor can convert complex heat distribution into intuitive color images, making it more convenient for users to analyze, compare, and understand the heat distribution in different areas. By observing the different color regions in the pseudocolor image, users can identify temperature differences, evaluate the uniformity of heat distribution, and compare heat distribution.

Real-time monitoring and tracking: Thermal imaging pseudocolor can be used for real-time monitoring and tracking of temperature changes and dynamic heat distribution. By continuously updating the pseudocolor image, users can observe the trend of heat distribution changes, promptly identify temperature anomalies and heat leaks, and take appropriate measures.

Overall, thermal imaging pseudocolor provides an intuitive, easy-to-understand, and analytical way to observe, detect, and analyze heat distribution and temperature differences. It plays an important role in various fields, including industrial, medical, and construction, by converting infrared thermal images into color images.

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Post time: Sep-05-2023