ViewSheen Releases 1.3MP High Definition SWIR Camera

        ViewSheen Technology released a  Short Wave Infrared Camera(SWIR Camera ) based on SONY IMX990. It can be widely used in material screening, industrial detection, military detection and other occasions. This SWIR camera has the following features:

        1. High resolution

        HD 1.3 million pixels, video output 1280 * 1024. Adopt the world’s smallest 5.0um pixels, achieving high-definition resolution on 1/2 inch target. Compared to the camera with 15um SWIR sensor, our SWIR camera is smaller and easier to integrate.

        2.Large range of wavelengths

        The sensor adopts the innovative SenSWIR * 2 advanced technology to build a photodiode on the semiconductor layer of InGaAs compound. The photodiodes are connected to the silicon reader layer through copper to copper connections. This design allows image acquisition in the ultra wide spectral range (400nm~1700nm) of visible light and near-infrared spectrum, and has high sensitivity.

        3. Excellent image quality

        The sensor can obtain the flat characteristics similar to CMOS, and the effect is good with the unique image enhancement technology of  ViewSheen.

        4. Multiple output interfaces

        It includes network output, BT1120 output, SDI output and other output methods to adapt to a variety of scenarios

Post time: Nov-11-2022