What is Camera’s Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom

In the zoom camera module and infrared thermal imaging camera system, there are two zoom modes, optical zoom and digital zoom.

Both methods can help enlarge distant objects when monitoring. Optical zoom changes the field of view angle by moving the lens group inside the lens, while digital zoom intercepts the part of the corresponding field of view angle in the image by software algorithm, and then makes the target look large through interpolation algorithm.

In fact, a well-designed optical zoom system will not affect the clarity of the image after amplification. On the contrary, no matter how excellent the digital zoom is, the image will be blurred. Optical zoom can maintain the spatial resolution of the imaging system, while digital zoom will reduce the spatial resolution.

Through the screenshot below, we can compare the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom.

The following figure is an example, and the original picture is shown in the figure (the optical zoom picture is snaped by 86x 10~860mm zoom block camera module)

86x long range zoom module

Then ,we set the opticalm 4x zoom magnification and digital 4x zoom magnification separately for comparison. The image effect comparison is as follows(click image to see the detail)

optical digtial zoom Thus, the definition of optical zoom will be much better than digital zoom.

When calculating the detection distance of UAV, fire point, person, vehicle and other targets, we only calculate the optical focal length.

Post time: Aug-11-2021