NDAA compliant zoom block cameras

View Sheen can provideNDAA compliant zoom block cameras.
View Sheen Mstar zoom block cameras are 100% NDAA compliant.
If you have heard about the USA blacklist for products such as Hikvision, Dahua and Huawei, then you have probably considered looking zoom block camera that do not use the Huawei Hisilicon chip set. View Sheen can meet your requires.
What is NDAA Compliance?
The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization (NDAA) is a United States federal law which specifies the budget, expenditures and policies of the U.S. Department of Defense. For Fiscal Year 2019, the NDAA Section 889, prohibits the U.S. government from procuring video and telecommunication equipment from certain Chinese companies and their subsidiaries.
Be Careful of OEMs or Re Labelled Equipment
Because many cameras and other surveillance equipment are privately labeled (OEM) it can be difficult to tell if a special device is banned, based on brand name.
The two major manufacturers that are on the banned list are Hikvision and Dahua. However, each one sells to dozens of OEMs, who label the products with their own brand name.
If you are looking for NDAA compliant security equipment, it may require a bit more research and involve asking about banned components as well. For instance, Huawei is a manufacturer of components that is on the banned list and they supply chip sets to numerous camera manufacturers.
View Sheen compliant cameras , do not use any of the components from these suppliers. Contact sales@viewsheen.com for details.

Post time: Dec-22-2020