VISHEEN Showcases Latest Long-Range and Multispectral Camera Technology at CPSE 2023 Exhibition


Recently, the 19th International Public Safety Expo (Shenzhen Security Expo) came to a successful conclusion, and VISHEEN Technology once again became the focus with its outstanding products and technology. As a leading supplier of telephoto and multispectral camera equipment in the industry, VISHEEN Technology has showcased a series of eye-catching new products,  including our exciting low-light full color night vision zoom camera, optical stabilization zoom module, and SWIR cameras.

As a high-tech enterprise focused on the field of security, VISHEEN Technology has been committed to the research and production of high-quality and high-performance integrated movements. The low light full color zoom block camera is an important breakthrough of VISHEEN Technology.Traditional night vision devices can only provide black and white images, while low light full color zoom block camera can provide color images under extremely low light conditions, greatly improving image recognition and realism. This model adopts advanced image enhancement algorithms and sensor technology, which can capture clear and realistic color images in night or low light environments, meeting users’ high requirements for image quality.

SWIR zoom camera are another important product of VISHEEN Technology. Compared to traditional visible light and near-infrared cameras, shortwave infrared cameras have stronger ability to penetrate fog and smoke, suitable for various complex environments, and are essential equipment for 7 * 24 hour military reconnaissance.

The optical anti shake zoom camera is another technological innovation of VISHEEN Technology. This model adopts advanced optical anti shake technology, which can effectively suppress image blurring during high magnification zoom and telephoto shooting, providing more stable and clear images.

VISHEEN Technology has won recognition and praise from a large number of users with its full color night vision camera, SWIR cameras and long range OIS zoom module. In the future, VISHEEN Technology will continue to maintain its technological innovation and product advantages, and we look forward to seeing you again next time.



Post time: Oct-14-2023