Global Shutter CMOS Camera VS Rolling Shutter CMOS Camera

        This paper introduces the difference between the Gobal Shutter Camera Module and the Rolling Shutter Zoom Camera Module.

        The shutter is a component of the camera used to control the exposure duration, and is an important part of the camera.

        The larger the shutter time range, the better. A short shutter time is suitable for shooting moving objects, and a long shutter time is suitable for shooting when the light is insufficient. The common exposure time of the CCTV camera is 1/1~1/30000 seconds, which can meet the all-weather shooting requirements.

        Shutter is also divided into electronic shutter and mechanical shutter.

        Electronic shutter is used in CCTV cameras. The electronic shutter is realized by setting the CMOS exposure time. According to the different types of electronic shutters, we divide CMOS into Global Shutter CMOS and Rolling Shutter CMOS (Progressive Scan CMOS). So, what’s the difference between these two ways?

        The Rolling Shutter CMOS sensor adopts the progressive scanning exposure mode. At the beginning of exposure, the sensor scans line by line to expose until all pixels are exposed. All the movements were completed in a very short time.

        The Global Shutter is realized by exposing the whole scene at the same time. All pixels of the sensor collect light and expose at the same time. At the beginning of the exposure, the sensor starts to collect light. At the end of the exposure, the sensor reads as a picture.GLOBAL SHUTTER VS ROLLING SHUTTER

        When the object moves fast, what the roller shutter records deviates from what our human eyes see.


        Therefore, when shooting at high speed, we usually use a Global Shutter CMOS Sensor Camera to avoid image deformation.

        When shooting a moving object, the image will not shift and skew. For scenes that are not shot at high speed or have no special requirements for images, we use a Rolling Shutter CMOS Camera, because the technical difficulty is lower than that of global exposure CMOS, the price is cheaper, and the resolution is larger.

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Post time: Sep-23-2022