Application of Low-light Full-color Camera in Waterfront Port Surveillance

Recently, VISHEEN’s low-light night vision camera has performed exceptionally well in a port monitoring project.

For a long time, nighttime port surveillance has faced the following challenges:

Complex lighting conditions: Ports have complex light sources, often with significant differences in brightness, such as bright ship lights and dark areas. Cameras need to have a wide dynamic range to capture clear images in different lighting conditions, avoiding overexposure or underexposure and loss of detail.

Low ambient lighting: Nighttime port monitoring often suffers from insufficient lighting, resulting in dark images and unclear details, making it difficult to obtain effective surveillance information. Even traditional starlight cameras cannot meet the requirements. This calls for the use of ultra-high-sensitivity low-light cameras to improve image brightness and clarity.

Ship identification: For evidence collection, it is often necessary to identify the ship’s hull number. Traditional cameras struggle to balance focal length and low lighting conditions.

Based on these pain points, the project adopted VISHEEN’s latest cutting-edge product, a 2MP 60x 600mm low-light night vision zoom block camera. This module utilizes a 1/1.8’’ large sensor, an F1.5 large aperture lens, and VMAGE imaging technology.

Compared to traditional starlight zoom camera module, it greatly enhances monitoring distance, low-light performance, and dynamic range.


full color camera ai isp

The above are real-life comparison images between a low-light camera and a traditional starlight camera.

VMAGE is an image processing technology product released by VisionTech in October 2023, based on the latest generation of technology.

By utilizing deep fusion imaging technology and, VMAGE leverages AI computing power to learn from massive scenes and data, outputting AI-assisted image processing algorithms, surpassing limitations of traditional ISP. Test results show that the image signal-to-noise ratio is improved by over 4 times in low-light environments, achieving over 50% improvement in clarity and brightness, enabling real-time full-color images at 0.01Lux. The dynamic range is increased by over 12dB, and dynamic tracking accuracy is improved by over 40%.

Post time: Jan-06-2024