The Monitoring Distance of Long Range Zoom Camera Module

In long distance monitoring applications such as coastal defense or anti UAV, we often encounter such problems: if we need to detect UAVs, people, vehicles and ships  at 3 km, 10 km or 20 km, what kind of focal length zoom camera module should we use? This paper will give the answer.

Take our representative long range zoom camera module as an example. The focal length is 300 mm (42x zoom module), 540 mm (90x zoom module), 860 mm (86x zoom camera), 1200 mm (80x zoom camera). We assume that the imaging pixel is recognizable at 40 * 40, and we can refer to the following results.

The formula is very simple.

Let the object distance be “l”, the height of the object be “h”, and the focal length be “f”. according to the trigonometric function, we can get l = h * (pixel number* pixel size) / F


Unit (m) UAV people vehicles
SCZ2042HA(300mm) 500 1200 2600
SCZ2090HM-8(540mm) 680 1600 3400
SCZ2086HM-8(860mm) 1140 2800 5800
SCZ2080HM-8(1200mm) 2000 5200 11000


How many pixels are needed depends on the back-end recognition algorithm. If 20 * 20 pixels is used as the recognizable pixel, the detection distance is as follows.


Unit (m) UAV people vehicles
SCZ2042HA(300mm) 1000 2400 5200
SCZ2090HM-8(540mm) 1360 3200 6800
SCZ2086HM-8(860mm) 2280 5600 11600
SCZ2080HM-8(1200mm) 4000 10400 22000


So,excellent system must be the combination of software and hardware. We welcome powerful algorithm partners to cooperate to create great long range monitoring camera products together.

Post time: May-09-2021