Application of 3-axis stabilization gimbal camera in UAV highway inspection

Traditionally, highway monitoring is based on IPC ,ITC, Dome and other equipment to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicles. These solutions have been used for many years and are relatively mature. However, with the development of new round of highway information construction, the shortcomings are gradually highlighted: the monitoring scope still has blind areas, and the IPC/ITC can only achieve fixed. Dome/PTZ has better flexibility, but to fully deploy to meet the requirements of no blind area will increase project costs.
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a good supplementary solution for highway patrol. UAV is becoming a good helper of highway traffic police. In china, UAV patrolmen have been dispatched to carry out road traffic management patrols, traffic violation snapshots, traffic accident scene disposal.
Our company’s UAV camera with 3-axis gimbal stabilizer has the following advantages:
1. Seamless docking with existing systems, support ONVIF access, ultra-long distance , real-time video transmission back to the command hall.

2. 30X/35X optical zoom, high-altitude capture of illegal vehicles, clear identification of motor vehicle license plate.Compression results in loss of definition. Contact customers for original picture.

图片 1
3. Assist in dealing with road congestion and traffic accidents.
4. Emergency lane monitoring.图片 21
5. Intelligent tracking.
6. Star-level low-illumination visible zoom camera with thermal imaging camera to achieve day and night monitoring.

图片 31        7. Easy deployment, quick response.

Post time: Dec-22-2020