VISHEEN Ushers in New Era of Intelligent Vision

As a leading manufacturer of long-range and multispectral camera technologies, we at View Sheen Technology are excited to unveil our new brand identity – VISHEEN. This rebranding marks our strategic vision to embrace intelligent visual solutions.

The additional ‘I’ in VISHEEN signifies our evolution towards AI-powered products. It stands for Intelligence while retaining association with Vision, aligning with our expertise in imaging. VISHEEN encapsulates our mission – enabling Intelligent (I) Visual (V) technologies to be widely applied(SHEEN) in application scenarios.

“This rebranding ushers in a new chapter for us,” said Zhu He, our CEO. “With the proliferation of AI and computer vision, we are rapidly developing intelligent multispectral cameras and other innovative visual analytics products. VISHEEN represents our commitment to lead the paradigm shift towards intelligent vision.”

With over a decade of specialization in long-range and multispectral imaging(Zoom Camera,SWIR camera,MWIR camera,LWIR camera), VISHEEN leverages robust R&D capabilities and patented technologies to deliver industry-leading solutions. Our long range and multispectral cameras are widely adopted in forest fire prevention, border defense, coastal defense, public security, industrial inspection, scientific research and more.

As VISHEEN, we will continue pioneering intelligent imaging products to equip enterprises and institutions with actionable visual intelligence. We aim to partner with customers to drive innovation and transform how visual data is captured, analyzed and applied. The future is intelligent vision, and VISHEEN is primed to lead the way.

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Post time: Nov-28-2023