The advantage of long zoom range block cameras

In the long distance surveillance, the traditional way is to use motorized cctv lens such as Fujifilm and IPC. In the past two years, with the application of the long focal length block camera, the market of 300mm ~ 500mm is gradually swallowed by the block camera, which has the characteristics of high quality, low price and high stability. Today, the focal length of more than 750 mm is also being replaced by the block camera.
The 88x 4MP zoom block camera with a focal length of 10.5-920mm is the first 4M zoom camera module with a focal length of more than 900mm in the world.
The product abandons the traditional scheme of long focal lens + IPC + auto focusing board, and adopts the integrated design. Compared with separated lens scheme, the advantages are as follows:
1. Integrative design, directly using high-definition digital signal as the focus source, auto focusing effect is good.
2. Multi-aspheric optical glass with good clarity. Large aperture design, low illumination performance. Horizontal field of view angle of 38 degrees, far more than similar products.
3. The lens adopts stepper motor control and innovative transmission design. The control accuracy is obviously higher than that of DC motor, and the preset point is more accurate.
4. Self-contained systematic temperature compensation focusing control scheme to ensure image stability in high and low temperature environment.
5. Self-contained optical defog + electronic defog to realize long-distance and complex environmental monitoring
6. Advanced dustproof and smoothness adjustment production process to ensure consistency and reliability of products.
7. IR-corrective for Day & Night camera.

Post time: Dec-22-2020