Why are 10X 4K cameras increasingly favored for drone gimbals?

In 2023, DJI continues to lead the industry in the application of drones. Apart from DJI, other drone manufacturers in the industry have also experienced ups and downs over the years and are now experiencing a breakthrough in the current turbulent international situation. From the market trend perspective, the small-sized 10X gimbal is currently very popular.

The 10X drone gimbal’s core component is the 10X 4K zoom camera , which occupies a significant market share in this segment. The reasons for this can be summarized as follows:

Ultra-high-definition image quality: With a 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, the image quality is significantly improved compared to traditional 2 million pixels, allowing users to intuitively perceive the improvement in image quality. The application of ultra-high-definition resolution can capture more details, greatly improving the usability and recognition capability of the images for both human eyes and backend intelligent algorithms.

Powerful zoom function: With a 10x optical zoom lens, it can observe distant targets compared to fixed-focus or 3.5x zoom cameras. Although the zoom ratio is not as high as 30X, it can still achieve a good observation distance due to the aforementioned high-definition resolution. This is very practical for drone inspections, search and rescue missions, and other tasks.

Smaller size and weight: While meeting zoom capabilities, the 10X 4K camera can adopt a more lightweight design for the lens and PCB circuit board compared to traditional 30X zoom cameras. This reduces the size and weight of the gimbal, meeting the requirements for long drone endurance.

Night vision function: Compared to some 20 million pixel cameras, the 10X 4K camera has better low-light performance. The 10X 4K camera module uses the latest SONY back-illuminated sensor IMX678, which has a larger pixel size and sensitivity, thus providing good low-light performance.

High reliability: The 10X 4K camera module adopts industrial design methods, with high reliability design. It uses wide-temperature devices for resistance, capacitance, lens, and sensors, and has a good heat dissipation design. It can withstand complex environments ranging from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius, providing long-term reliable operation.

Customized features for drones: Features such as photography, video recording, and GPS information specifically designed for drones make it easier to integrate the camera into the gimbal.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, the 10X 4K block camera module is widely used in the 10X gimbal, providing an excellent choice that balances imaging quality, weight, reliability, and observation range. Thus, the 10X 4K camera module shines brightly in the booming application of drones today.

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Post time: Nov-29-2023